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Damage Reviews: Sony MDR-XD400

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Yeh you can get a round with them on ya head walking around streets, though I personally wouldn't do it. You mihgt get some stares and weird looks from some people though tongue.gif

Maybe take a small mirror into the shop you are buying them from, so you can get a look at them.

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I have a question to people who use these headphones. I think I used Sony headphones all my life (usually the cheapest ones), in most cases Im 100% satisied with the quality of sound and design for the price, but what cheap headphones lack is reliability, mdr v 150 crack about six months of use the chromed logo vanishes almost within 2 weeks if you mess with it and so on, but theyre cheap and i don't have any complaints about em.

The last headphones I bought were XD-200, I was blown away by the quality of sound compared to cans like v150, it's just amazing for their price, but they have some serious problems with finish. Some people don't care about such things, but I do and thats what my question is about. XD-200 had a chromed circle around each earcup - it's very easy to damage or peel off, I had to carefuly remove it with a tooth paste after like a week of use because they look really bad if theres atleast a tiny scratch on this chromed surface. So my question is: what about xd400? Are these circles around the earcups and "SONY" logo chromed like on XD200? or do they have a real layer of metal or real chrome inlays? So is it a finish like on cheap walkmans or is it durable?

I plan to buy xd400 and I want to use them for a very long time, I need headphones with a lasting look. S thats why I'm asking.

IPB Image

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