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Just received an e-mail from Sony Australia, saying they are having up to 50% off all their selected headphones...

I don't know anything about headphones, but were wondering if I could get all your help on these different headphones....

Please post back to tell me what you think of each pair... And the pros and cons if I were to purchase them...

1. http://www.sonystyle.com.au/catalog/produc...ref=xxmysony018

2. http://www.sonystyle.com.au/catalog/produc...ref=xxmysony018

3. http://www.sonystyle.com.au/catalog/produc...ref=xxmysony018

4. http://www.sonystyle.com.au/catalog/produc...ref=xxmysony018

If you could post back with comments much appreciated.

I.e. - No. 3, great bass, No. 4 Bad treble... etc...

I currently use Philips SBC HS800, here is what they look like. I did a google on them, and you won't believe this!

One of the results was my profile in this forum! I clicked it and it went to my profile, where I said I used Philips SBC HS800! tongue.gif

Here's what they look like Philips Headphones

I was also considering buying some wireless headphones...

Please tell me what you think of these -


Or do you know of any better wireless headphones? And are wireless headphones any good?

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Although I'm not the *world's* most informed authority on headphones, I think I can give some good input here.

Just for the record:

First model are hifi headphones:

1 MDRCD580 - over the head, hifi

Three of those models are noise-cancelling headphones:

2 MDRNC5 - over the head style

3 MDRG94NC - street style

4 MDRNC11 - in ear style

I think 1 is the best deal and best bet for a great even sounding set of headphones. Without having heard them, 1 is the right price point (RRP) for entry level "serious" headphones - these would probably give the best sound over the whole spectrum musical styles, they would definately blow away the stock headphones that come with any portable music player.

Personally, I wouldn't go for the noise cancelling models. I always have found those type of headphones to be wierd and bulky, although they are becoming more popular and hence, more stylish and useful. From a sound point of view, they would definately all sound great. Any phones will be geat for A$200+. They probably wont sound as good as 1 because they are designed to put music over a noisy environment. 1 is not designed to be used on a bus or in a plane, it's designed for hifi music enjoyment at home.

I wish I could throw in some fancy terms like sound stage or tone, but I do know that when I was choosing headphones I liked open style hifi phones better than gimmicky noise cancelling phones, so I think 1 is definitely the winner here.

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The only even remotely decent can here is the CD580s, and they're totally not nearly as good as the CD780s (one step up at 100 USD).

If you need good phone for cheap, nothing can beat senn MX500s.

Just ditch the existing foamy slip-ons and get a pair of replacement ones from Radio Shack, which believe it or not, not only sound better but stay on better (the stock ones have a habit of slipping off after mild use).

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Ok thanks heaps guys!!!

i will check it all out when I have a little more time.

What are your thoughts on Wireless headphones like Sennheiser??

Expensive, other than that they'll sound fine although wired ones can sound better, a lot better.

What exactly are you going to be using these headphones for?

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  • 5 months later...

Expensive, other than that they'll sound fine although wired ones can sound better, a lot better.

What exactly are you going to be using these headphones for?

Well, I happen to be considering these too. My intended purposes for wireless headphones would be monitoring the recording levels while recording my jam sessions as well as normal-use headphones (assuming the base station is small and portable enough (ie. runs on battery power as well as external power).

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