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Hi Md Recording Times

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The Hi MD disk is 45 hours, right?  I read somewhere that Hi MD players will record 13 hours on a standard 80 min mini disc.  Is that correct?  How does that work?

Actually, a better figure for the amount of music (or data come to that) is the storage capacity. A 1GB HiMD disc holds ~965 MB, and an 80 minute MD can store 300 MB music/data.

THe amount (hence play-time) of music you can store is determined by the quality / bitrate that you convert your files 'at'. I use 64 kbps (ATRAC 3+) and typically, an album is about 18-25 MB in size. Do the maths and you get the following: HiMD - 35-40 albums / 450-500 tracks; MD - 10-12 albums / 120-140 tracks. This is a clip from the NH900 user manual.


THe question then becomes "what bitrate to rip your music at"........I suggest you trawl the forums to answer this one!!!



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