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Usb Transfer Software

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Xitel MD-Port I/O or Edirol UA- 1A ....I am in search for either one of these softwares for uploading purposes and both have been discontinued. Does anyone know where I can find either software and why would they be discontinued? Is there any comparable software to take their place, software that would do the same job in the same manner? As you know, this software converts analogue to digital while recording from Minidisc to PC. I know about Sonic Stage 3......I would like the Xitel and Idirol question answered first....Thanks!

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The two devices you mention have been discontinued due in part to NetMD and HiMD. Basically, they let you "download" (record in real-time) songs from PC, or "upload" (record in real-time) to PC. If my memory is correct (no one has mentioned Xitel or Edirol for a long time!!), then all you need to accomplish the same as they would have, is some PC recording software, a soundcard with line in, and a lot of time to spare. wink.gif

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