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another question: is it very hard to develop a GYM version that doesn't require the NET framework? it's really a hassle if i have to install that on every computer i want to put some tracks on...

In all fairness the framework update has been available from microsoft for quite some time (they have release 2.0) and should be installed on any machine you're using, as well as all current windows updates.

It may be a hassal but its not exactly a bad thing. Kinda like a car that wont start unless you belt the seatbelt.

I dont mind the framework aspect, besides I would assume its being used because its required for GYM's core functionaliy.

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Just keep trying it.

I don't what your wrong, but something is amiss.

erase all files and start all over. I took me a few times before I got it to work. I have no clue what it was I did wrong but I got it to work. My best advise is just make like 15 keys with the wizard and tranfer 1 album. Do a trial and error and if it works, then load it with all your tracks.

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thanks for the information, it doesn't work for me, and also for a friend. But my brother have just downloaded it for me :-)

goodbye Sonicstage :-D

You'll still need SS for editing

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Thanx a lot, with my NW-E005 your program network walkman broser is a helpful tool and it works fine! :D:clover:


I want to buy a NW-E003 and I wondered, how you got GYM working. Because here


it says that GYM requires MP3 File Manager to be installed in the device.

And I read somewhere that it is not possible to install MP3 File Manager on the e-series.

Please tell me what you did.

Thank you.

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hello-- (lol)

I have a NW-E005 and just got GYM working with it. You can use SonicStage instead of MP3 FM to load the necessary files onto the NW-E00... Just plug it in start KeyWizard.exe and follow instructions. It will let you select SonicStage instead of MP3 FM.

A few things to keep in mind however [anyone, correct me if I am wrong, only got mine yesterday :) ]

GYM can only open or download mp3s stored on the device even though the E series can play wma, aac and of course atrac as well.

If you want to avoid SonicStage for copying files onto the device try Vaio Music Transfer (drag and drop interface)


It transfers mp3 directly to device and converts wma to atrac and then transfers these. It won't accept aac however.

NB still need SonicStage installed to use Vaio Music Transfer

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@ VOVO: can you repost the lastest version of GYM: 1.21 EN (for beta testers) because the link is dead

in addition, i've some problems when i want to play or save some tracks: when i want play those tracks, GYM crash and when i want save it, GYM create a floder but it's empty... nevertheless, GYM runs good for others tracks... do you know a solution?

thanks a lot!

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I need only the last .exe...

in my opinion, the probleme is caused by album covers which are too big: GYM work correctly before i add covers on mp3 tags... do you know if i can upload my mp3s without covers who are in mp3's tags: i want to have mp3 with covers on my computer and mp3 without covers on my NW-HD5... do you know a solution?

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Yes you're right

Covers are set in the mp3 header, GYM scan the header on a short length, if the sequence indicating

where the music start is not found -> Error. I try scaning 1mo but GYM become very slow.

There's no way with covers in mp3 tags and gym; it's why i added the covers in gym based on SonicStage db

and not on mp3 tags.

I'll send you the exe file...

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I haven't recieved the .exe on your MP...

aout mp3's tag problems, I have think at two solutions:

- can you tell to GYM to don't take care about covers? if you can, can you send me the .exe which don't take care about covers?

- do you know how can i do to send to my NWHD5 my songs with SScp but without covers?

thanks a lot!

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GYM don't read covers from the mp3, but need to find the begining of the music

by reading sequentially the mp3 file, music is after tags and contingently, covers...

So you can remove the covers from the mp3 with tag&rename by exemple.

The covers displayed by GYM are taken from the SS database.

After putting a new album in ss, you can insert the cover by drag and drop,

to the question "set covers on all tracks" or something like that, SAY NO.

Covers will be added only on SS database and not in all the mp3 files.

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