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Gaps Of Silence In My Hi-md Recordings

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OK, this is my tale of two recordings on one Hi-MD disc. I have made comments about this issue in a couple other threads, but now I'm very frustrated... dry.gif

The other day, I go into Radioshack just before I'm about to go to a concert and record it. Much to my surpirse, I see that they finally have some Hi-MDs in stock for $6.99. Hurrah! Now I don't have to buy them online! I buy one and go out to the show.

The bands on the bill were Vendetta Red and A Static Lullaby (nice loud rock music). Happy with my purchase, I use that Hi-MD disc. Harmony! biggrin.gif The show records great, and the deck worked perfectly even with all the moving around I did with it in my pocket. No gaps of silence, high quality...recording went great.

Tonight, I used that same disc to record a choir performance at my school. I place the recorder on the edge of a balcony and let it sit completely still to do it's thing. Chaos! ohmy.gif The entire ~30min recording has gaps of silence and sections where the disc spins faster, and playback gets 'hung up' every few seconds. Why?

So I have two questions. 1. Has anyone else out there had a problem like this with their Hi-MD discs or decks? I haven't seen anything about this here on the forums recently. 2. What could be causing this problem? Perhaps the disc was inserted ever so slightly crooked? I'd rule out dust or dirt since the disc is new. I have not yet experienced this problem recording in Hi-MD mode on a standard MD.

Please share any thoughts, similar stories, etc. Thanks. End of rant.

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i had the exact same problem as you. i only had that problem with 1gb discs and the gaps of silence were randomly placed. so, i contact sony chat support and phone support a pair of times. one guy at the chat support told me that i should exchange my unit. so i did it. i request for an exchange online. i sent my unit like 2 weeks ago to united states (i'm in chile, south america) and i'm waiting for the exchange. if you have any questions i will help you.


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it's me again

take a look at this post


on one of the latest post of the first page of the topic you will find a way to know if the disc is defective.

look, i experienced the problem of gaps very randomly and even sometimes i recorded the whole disc and then i playback and there were no gaps of silence, so i contact sony ..bla bla bla.... my unit was defective.

so be carefull , and keep making test with different discs because youor unit maybe defective.

bye and good luck happy.gif

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