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Missing Features On My S39 Deck

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Hi Forum

I'm using the MDS-S39 for about 3 1/2 now. I bought it used at Ebay and it reached me without the org.User Manual.

Whatever, cause recording and editing with an MD Deck is nothing you have to read something about.

So I missed no functions coming with my S39.

But last week I read about the S39 in the Equipment Browser that it must have amazing features like:

- digital recording level control (with fade in and fade out)

- User settable LEVEL SYNC threshold

- TOC Cloning

link: S39 at Minidisc.org/EquipmentBrowser

three superfine features I missed a lot (especially the dig. level control). So I Downloaded the org. User Manual and enjoyed the lecture.

But no Way of setting the Digital reclevel, the Sync threshold or the function of TOC cloning.

So I have to thing the Information on Minidisc.org/gearbrowser is wrong or I can find here someone who can teach me what I have to do for using this nice features.

Is it something about Service Mode?

Thank a lot all MD-Fans

hope that s/o knows something about it.


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Well, TOC Cloning won't be in the manual - it is described here however: http://www.minidisc.org/cloning_procedure.html

According to the manual on page 11, it says you cannot adjust the recording level during digital recording. So, that's an error on our part. As for level sync, give that manual another read and make sure it's not in there - I didn't see anything so it very well may not exist for this device.

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not able to variate the treshold for trackmarksilence is a pity...

I believe this is in the setup menu if it's there. I thought it was on all decks. It's useful for analogue recording from noisier sources.

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