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Please Recommend A Good Seller

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Originally posted by Jonesyl1.

Please recommend me a good seller for a new MZ-RH10.

I've been shopping around and planet minidisc gives the best buying information, which makes me feel more secure, but their price is higher and you have to pay extra for the warranty.

Other places have a one year warranty and a cheaper price, but they don't specifiy a color or included accessories. It says only factory included accessories, but what are they?

In response to the above

this isn't really the place for a question like this... should be a new topic...

but: as far as I know: all retailers in N-Am sell the N-Am version of the RH10, which is black (only color available) and DOESN'T come with a charging stand or LCD-remote... so I guess you can be pretty sure that you will be getting the same (the standard N-Am factory accessories) from most retailers...and if you really want the extras, buy a Japanes import (sometimes found on eBay)

What were the accessories and color with 'planet minidisc'?

PS: mods...can you make these last two posts into a new thread in classifieds or find your minidis or something?

In response to the above

Here is teh accessory list from planet minidisc:

Supplied Accessories:

Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery (NH-10WM)

External "AA" Dry Battery Case

AC Power Adaptor (AC-ES3010K2)

Earbud headphones (MDR-E808LP)

Digital Cable

USB Cable

Carry Pouch

1GB Hi-MD™ Disc

SonicStage® Software CD-ROM

1 Connect Card

And the color was black.  Their warranty costs thirty dollars for one year, and 40 for two.  They are mentioned on the home page here which is probably what makes me feel more secure about them.

Ok boys... post away and response to Jonesyl1 accordingly.


Your friendly Mod.

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Jonesyl1, I think that those are the standard factory accessories indeed, except for the Connect card (probably a coupon for one or a couple of free songs downloadable from Connect) but I don't know how important that would be for you...

so, I wouldn't really be worried about the accessories, just see whether you trust the retailer and the warranty... and go ahead

(if you really want extra accessories, you can still look into importing a Jap version, or buying them separately from eBay or something)

BTW...when I bought my NH900 in Belgium, it came with a SONY-Europe warranty, not with a retailer warranty...so when I discovered some faults (and I did real quickly tongue.gif ), I just returned it to Sony and they repaired it for free... could be the same in N-Am, and then shop-wrranty would be unnecessary and way too expensive... anybody know about this?

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I got the 'merican model.

That is any color as long as it's black, earphones, software, usb cable, a remote - without an LCD,

and no cradle.

I am happy with it.

I am happy with price and the purchse process.

That said, I chose: http://www.compuplus.com

MZ-RH10 is currently - $242.95

my experience..

I had it fed-ex'd - turns out there was a flight-delay for fed-ex

and some other snafu - and it didn't make it by 11am the next day.

(did come a day later before 11 am). I told the folks at compuplus

about the shipping issue and they refunded the shipping difference.


off topic - does anyone know offhand which retail stores stock Hi-MD's?

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