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2nd Gen Hi Md Units Are Very Good Kit

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I have used MD for years (about 10) now, and I have just bought an MZ RH910

I must say, it pretty damn good you know, I use it for many hours every day, as I drive 30,000 miles per year and I am a big audiobook listener, the ability to transfer MP3 straight to the disc via SS is fantastic and well overdue, most of my stuff comes from Audible.com, but also alot of my books,lectures etc come from analogue sources like cassette tape

My kids both have the older S2 sports walkmans, very tough, and all these players, although different generations, can all use SS software, unlike Itunes, Sonic Stage has to cater for several generations of players, ATRAC and MP3, and although not perfect, it seems pretty good from where I am standing, we can all swap discs, I can convert formats, and my kids use their walkmans continuously....again mainly for stories etc.

Now that Minidisc has finally allowed MP3 transfer without conversion to ATRAC, it fulfills my requirements pretty well completely, all I want now is more hardware choices ie a microsystem with Hi MD, some ruggedised walkmans like the old S2s etc etc.....do you think my wishes will be granted, or is minidisc ...although better than ever before, on the way out ????????

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