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The Musicians' Thread

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Do you play in a band?  

  1. 1. Do you play in a band?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I'd like to, but...

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I am a musician (though the term "sound artist" fits a bit better) who sometimes works with other musicians, so I counted that as a yes...

Some current releases:

Aaron Lennox - Aellakai (Digitalis Industries, 2004)

Aaron Lennox - Sibilance (Magnanimous Records, 2005)

And a few links to some other random material that I am a part of:

Cosmic Sky - Most recent site... In early stages of development...

Rain Theory - Improvisational acoustic guitars...

Confluens - Solo guitar reminiscent of early Philip Glass...

"Train" Video, Practicallytwins.com - Features "Confluens" as soundtrack...

If anyone here uses SoulSeek, I have most of my projects available to download... Including more recent material. My username is "raintheory".


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I used to play in my school's band (Jazz was the only option), so we played stuff like Take 5 (great candy bar) and all that goodness. It'd be cool to be in a rock band, or whatever, but I don't really know any chords or technique for guitar. I played the Euphonium in Jazz band and Trombone in middle school.

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I'd really like to, but...

I had to give up my instruments (piano and bass guitar, played them only for a couple of years) as I developed rhumatism in my fingers and they aren't supple enough to play anymore (I type in a very strange way too tongue.gif )

so right now I only play a jew's harp I got as a present laugh.gif (looks like this)

user posted image

and that's not really wanted in a band beee.gif (even though some of my friends who play in a 'tool-kyuss-qotsa and everything in between-alike'-band once promised to write a song with jew's harp so I could perform as a special guest with them, but that never happened)

so to anyone who plays an instrument... keep at it! 'cause there are a lot of ppl out there that can't (for many different reasons) , are very jealous dry.gif and that think it's a shame if you don't use your talents...

greetings, Volta

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Not yet, but I'm learning to play the recorder (woodwind instrument), in evening classes, with a view to joining a consort (rennaissance/baroque group) when I become sufficiently proficient.

I've also dabbled to varying degrees of success with other instruments - guitar, mandolin, violin, but as yet only for my own 'amusement'...

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kinda yes, but it's not actually a band, and i'm not playing an instrument. just programming hiphop and other beats...


so i voted with a no.

Don't be shy, i'd count the computer as a modern instrument. Propably you need to be even more creative for this kind of music creation than others who play from a sheet of music.

What i meant to ask was whether people create and/or reproduce music.

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Ready or Not!

I drum for a fast-paced, punk-influenced rock band. I've played with this band for about four years, and I started playing drums about six years ago. It's a shame I didn't start until after high school...only because I never got to play in jazz band. My younger brother plays drums and he's receiving more instruction than I'll ever have. Anyway...

Please! Check out -->http://www.geocities.com/readyornotvt<-- Follow the links to hear our songs at soundclick.com and myspace.com. Play on, fellow musicians.

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