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I have just uploaded to the recording archive section an excerpt from a recent recording of mine of a live preformance of a local regional opera company ("Faust March"). The recording illustrates, I think, the tremendous dynamic range of the little minidisc recorder (in this case the rh10) even with a small stereo mike - in manual recording mode of course. The original was recorded using PCM. The MP3 version that is uploaded sounds worse, but the dynamic range is still there (I just used MusicJukebox to convert at the default rate). To my mind the recording also reminds me how processed commercial recordings are - this one has the immediacy, and even the roughness, of a real live preformnce - not compresssed or glossed. It's fun music too. And the original performace is not electronically enhanced, so one is listening to a recording of instruments and people, not a speaker array.

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It sounds great and encouraging for me, a newb.

Although this post was 9 mon ago, if you see this, I'd like to know what mic you used.

The low point at 2.47 shows pretty low dynamics so the mic noise appears to be not a problem with this mic and in this type of recording, which I'm interested in.

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