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What are you listening to right now?

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Green Day---Live at the Wireless (Sydney)

Smashing Pumpkins---Live at the Wireless

You am I---Live at the wireless

The local radio station here put these up. I wish they would release them as CDs I could buy them, but at the moment they are off the radio

Also, as they played here recently

The Butterfly Effect- Self Titled EP

The Butterfly Effect- Begins Here

A great Aussie band, a couple of their mp3s are on http://www.thebutterflyeffect.com.au/ (2 of my favourite songs from them).

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This is what is currently on the MiniDisc (in HI-SP) I am listening to, now:


2.JOE SATRIANI; Surfing with the Alien


4. a portion of the Torah being chanted.

5. Superhero-8 bits wonder mix, remixed by the orangers

6. Chesney Hawkes; the one and only

7.Tsugaru-Jamisen music recorded live

8. YUI; I feel my soul


10.Ayaka Hirahara; Blessing

11.Mika Nakashima; Hinatori

12.Miyuki Nakajima; Chijo no hoshi

13. Hitomi Shimatani; Overture~Perseus

14.女子十楽坊; Beautiful Energy (http://www.platia-ent.co.jp/artists/joshi/profile.html)

15.The Secret of Blue Water; FOREVER NADIA

16.Namie Amuro; Singles collection(say the word)

17.PACHELBEL Canon/Albinoni

18. Nippon no Minyo(Japanese traditional songs with Shamisen and koto) recorded live

19. Salamone Rossi; The Songs of Solomon

20. Chants Mystiques

21.SHONEN NIFE( Tomatoe head)

22.BEETHOVEN; SYmphony no.5

23. Antonio Vivaldi; the four seasons

24.Chants at a Shingon-shu temple recorded live

25.Motown Story Volume One: Various Artists

26. M&M Bossa Bass Space; Love Squall

27. and some audio I have recorded of TV and DVD

28. sounds from Shingon-shu Temple in Aomori-ken recorded live


30. some of the sound track from the original Macross series


33. Number one hits of the 80'S

34. Cheer up; music for your positive life

35. Stan Bush; THE TOUCH

36. Eye of the tiger

Till next time,


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user posted image

In PCM --> Sasha's Involver

1. Grandnational - Talk Amongst Yourselves

2. Shpongle - Devon Perception

3. Petter - These Days

4. UNKLE - What You Mean To Me

5. The Youngsters - Smile

6. DJ Spooky - Belong

7. UNKLE - In A State

8. Lostep - Burma

9. Felix Da Housecat - Watching The Cars Go

10. Ulrich Schauss - On My Own

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Currently listening to:

Haydn: Symphonies 94 & 101 / Monteux in PCM.

user posted image

1. Symphony No. 94 'Surprise': I. Adagio cantabile - Vivace assai

2. Symphony No. 94 'Surprise': II. Andante

3. Symphony No. 94 'Surprise': III. Menuetto e trio: Allegro molto

4. Symphony No. 94 'Surprise': IV. Finale: Allegro di molto

5. Symphony No. 101 'Clock': I. Adagio - Presto

6. Symphony No. 101 'Clock': II. Andante

7. Symphony No. 101 'Clock': III. Menuetto e trio: Allegretto

8. Symphony No. 101 'Clock': IV. Finale: Vivace

9. Haydn Variations

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Currently listening to Anton Kuerti's Beethoven: The Complete Piano Sonatas & Diabelli Variations [10CD BOX SET];

Disc One of Ten

user posted image

1. Son No.1 in f, Op.2 No.1: Allegro

2. Son No.1 in f, Op.2 No.1: Adagio

3. Son No.1 in f, Op.2 No.1: Menuetto: Allegretto

4. Son No.1 in f, Op.2 No.1: Prestissimo

5. Son No.2 in A, Op.2 No.2: Allegro Vivace

6. Son No.2 in A, Op.2 No.2: Largo Appassionato

7. Son No.2 in A, Op.2 No.2: Scherzo: Allegretto

8. Son No.2 in A, Op.2 No.2: Rondo: Grazioso

9. Son No.3 in C, Op.2 No.3: Allegro Con Brio

10. Son No.3 in C, Op.2 No.3: Adagio

11. Son No.3 in C, Op.2 No.3: Scherzo: Allegro

12. Son No.3 in C, Op.2 No.3: Allegro Assai

Kuerti is simply extraordinary.

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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - about 10 of my Dad's SAHB vinyls recorded to pc and being "tarted up". The current one is "Live".

ahh yes.. that albums a classic!

I've got Black Crowes "southern harmony" in my e10 at the mo

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Hola - Hello

deep dish live in moscow - 1md stereo

sven väth - fusion - 1md stereo

infected mushroom - converting vegetarians - 1md stereo

garbage - bleed like me - 1md stereo

gwen stefani - love, angel, music baby - 1md stereo


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