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What are you listening to right now?

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just listening to some great albums on vinyl

shitty kenwood belt drive -> at-ha20 -> ath-ad10

parallel lines - blondie

no jacket required - phil collins

regatta de blanc - the police

more songs about buildings & food - talking heads

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Listening to ハチミツとクローバー [Honey and Clover] Soundtrack in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.

IPB Image

1. 回りだす車輪

2. ドラマチック

3. サークル オブ フレンズ

4. ウィークエンド

5. 酒と酒の日々

6. ボンボンベレッパ~テーマ☆忍

7. 猪突猛進

8. はじまりの予感

9. 四つ葉のクローバー

10. ハチミツ

11. ディスタンス

12. やまない雨

13. 放課後の色

14. レゾンデートル

15. それぞれの想い

16. Mistake

17. 風の通り道

18. 街へ出ようよ

19. 乙女のレシピ

20. 早足

21. Panic!

22. Hungry?

23. たくらみに気をつけろ!

24. 重ねた心

25. やわらかな時間

26. もつれる言葉

27. 月とナイフ

28. 守りたいもの

29. 恋のかたち、愛のかたち

30. うちへ帰ろう

31. そして、歩きだす

32. ワルツ

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Listening to ゲド戦記 [Gedo Senki] Soundtrack in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.

IPB Image

1. 異変~竜

2. 黄昏の兆し

3. ハイタカ~逃亡者

4. 旅路

5. 街

6. 迷い~追われる者

7. 軛

8. 野へ

9. クモ

10. 大地の人

11. 棘と傷心~悪党

12. 追憶~老店主の忠告

13. 挿入歌「テルーの唄」 映画バージョン(アカペラ) 歌/手嶌 葵

14. 別れ~影の恐怖

15. 強奪~不死の誘惑

16. 急行~対峙

17. 光と影

18. 真の名~目覚め

19. 死の呪い~狂気

20. 命の火

21. 終わりと始まり ~主題歌「時の歌」 歌/手嶌 葵~エンディング

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Listening to Various | 塊魂サウンドトラック in Atrac3+ 352k

IPB Image

1. ナナナン塊

2. 塊オンザロック ~メインテーマ

3. Overture

4. 月と王子

5. フーガ♯7777


7. ステキ星のさんぽはステキ

8. Katamari Mambo ~ 塊シンドローム Mix

9. You Are Smart

10. 真っ赤なバラとジントニック


12. ケ・セラ・セラ

13. 天使風味の贈り物

14. カタマりたいの

15. カタマリ★スターズ

16. さくらいろの季節

17. ラブリーエンジェル

18. スターダスト・ファンファーレ

19. さいごにサンバ

20. 愛のカタマリー ~ エンディングテーマ

21. 塊マーチ魂 (ボーナストラック 未発表曲)

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Listening to Ronan Keating "Bring You Home"

IPB Image

1 Friends In Time

2 This I Promise You

3 All Over Again

4 Iris

5 To Be Loved

6 Superman

7 It`s So Easy Lovin` You

8 Back In The Backseat

9 Bring You Home

10 Hello Again

11 Just When I`d Given Up Dreaming

12 (We Just Need) Time

Edited by stuge
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Listening to The Division Bell and Wish You Were Here / Pink Floyd


1. Cluster One

2. What Do You Want From Me

3. Poles Apart

4. Marooned

5. A Great Day For Freedom

6. Wearing The Inside Out

7. Take It Back

8. Coming Back To Life

9. Keep Talking

10. Lost For Words

11. High Hopes


1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One)

2. Welcome To The Machine

3. Have A Cigar

4. Wish You Were Here

5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two)

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Albums on my most listened to gig disc :)


Lamb of God-Ashes of the wake

Lamb of God-As the palaces burn

Metallica-Master of puppets

Metallica-And justice for all

Rob Zombie-Hellbilly deluxe

Rob Zombie-The sinister urge

Slayer-Reign in Blood

Slayer-Devine intervention

Slayer-Diaoblus in musica

Slayer-Christ illusion

Slayer-Seasons in the abyss

ACDC-Greatest hits

Sworn Enemy-The beginning of the end

Scum of the earth-songs of death



Tool-10,000 days

Guns n Roses-use your illusion I

Guns n Roses-use your illusion II

Guns n Roses-Apettite for destruction

3 inches of blood-advance and vanquish

Ministry-Rio grande blood

Ministry-Houses of the mole



Hatebreed-The rise of brutality

Snot-Get some

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Listening to Astrud Gilberto | Look to the Rainbow in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.

IPB Image

1. Berimbau

2. Once Upon A Summertime

3. Felicidade

4. I Will Wait For You

5. Frevo

6. Maria Moita

7. Look At The Rainbow

8. Bim Bom

9. Lugar Bonito

10. El Preciso Aprender A Ser So

11. She's A Carioca

12. Certain Smile

13. Certain Sadness

14. Nega Do Cabelo Duro

15. So Nice Listen

16. Voce Ja Foi A Bahia

17. Portuguese Washerwoman

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Eagles-Live 1974 DVD (?bootleg?); WOW, i (rayzray) never realized how well they sang and played. they all just about can sing lead; and all can play guitar solos; well, maybe not the drumma; well, i don't doubt it, i bet he CAN!

oh, and, Linda Ronstadt sings a few jewels and also Jackson Brown.

Edited by rayzray
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Rush's Cygnus X-1 from "A Farewell to Kings"; AND Cygnus X-1 Book II from "Hemispheres; well; i (rayzray) am "deviding" them up into bits and pieces and taking the vocal out (completely); thus ending up with a beautiful vocal-less instrumental; long and happy! i will call it Cygnus X-2 Book 10. (the 10 will depend on the total legnth of the song).

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Right now , i'm listening these songs :

1.Sasha - I Feel Lonely

2.Pussycat Dolls -Beep(album_version)

3.Clubbers Guide Summer 2006[Ministry of Sound (CD Series)]-The egg walking away (tocadisco_remix)


5.Beatles-And I love Her

6 Beatles-Yesterday


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Listening to John Digweed | Transitions in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.

IPB Image

1. Partial Arts – Cruising

2. Every – Feelin’

3. Popnonname – On The Run

4. Margot meets The Melody Maker – Torch (Extrawelt Remix)

5. Tigerskin – Neontrance

6. Catwash (DJ Wild & Chris Carrier) – Plastic Rubberband

7. David K – Beautiful Dead

8. Dringer – Flake Escape

9. Rocco – Roots 4 Acid

10. Trick & Kubic ft. Valeska – Easy (Niekisch and Hermann Dub)

11. On Spec – Knights Of Columbus

12. John Digweed – Warung Beach (Lützenkirchen Remix)

13. Michael de Hey – Jetchi

14. Dana Bergquist – McEnroe

15. Paul Kalkbrenner – Gebrünn Gebrün

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Listening to Cake | Fashion Nugget in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.

IPB Image

1. Frank Sinatra

2. The Distance

3. Friend Is A Four Letter Word

4. Open Book

5. Daria

6. Race Car Ya-Yas

7. I Will Survive

8. Stickshifts And Safetybelts

9. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

10. It's Coming Down

11. Nugget

12. She'll Come Back To Me

13. Italian Leather Sofa

14. Sad Songs And Waltzes

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Listening to an advance copy of Squarepusher - Hello Everything... Due for release October 16th under Warp Records.

Good Stuff!


01. (04:31) Squarepusher - Hello meow

02. (02:57) Squarepusher - Theme from sprite

03. (02:53) Squarepusher - Bubble life

04. (06:09) Squarepusher - Planetarium

05. (06:02) Squarepusher - Vacuum garden

06. (03:53) Squarepusher - Circlewave 2

07. (00:48) Squarepusher - Cronecker king

08. (07:48) Squarepusher - Rotate electrolyte

09. (04:32) Squarepusher - Welcome to europe

10. (07:36) Squarepusher - Plotinus

11. (05:38) Squarepusher - The modern bass guitar

12. (10:54) Squarepusher - Orient orange

Playing Time.........: 63:48

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^jazz is good!

i (rayzray) am listening to MIDI-Jazz; i have managed to link my two PC's together;

one playing MIDI files on Band-in-a-Box, and,

the other is CAPTURING the audio AND Video while it is creating a DVD of it.

so, i will be able to WATCH the chord sequences AS the songs are playing; ON any DVD unit in da world!

good for ear training of chord progressions for me (rayzray) and my piano students too!

oh, and i am sure the "Best of" these MIDI songs will find it's way to my Hi-MD900.

Edited by rayzray
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Right now it's:

Fugazi (all studio albums and Furniture EP)

Sonic Youth (almost every studio album)

Gang Of Four (Entertainment!, Yellow EP, Brief History of the Twentieth Century)

Wire (Behind The Curtain)

Husker Du (Everything Falls Apart)

Underworld (2nd Toughest In The Infants, Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Beaucoup Fish)

all of it recorded and listened to on my new and trusty NH700 in ATRAC3 132kbps (which still kicks serious ass, especially when the source is CD :ok: )



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disco music (my extended remixes):

oh; my daughter that had cancer for the past year just called me last nite and told me she just got engaged!!!! i may have to come out of retirement (DJ'ing) to DJ da wedding; or, should i just be "The Father"?? (she LOVES disco music)

good for you buddy, it's always nice to keep your hand in with a hobby.

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