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The 55 or the 35? Where did you buy the unit out of curiosity?

55, the one meant for D-NE20. It's a very nifty remote, I must say! I'm in Singapore and I've met up with a local seller 4 hours ago and bought the RH10 brand new from him. Price is 200 Sing Dollars (125 USD or 100 Euros). The guy said that he's already sold 5 sets and this is the last set.

BTW, I checked the language options and it says Japanese/English, so I assume that I've actually got the Jap set.

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IS there any remote with a backlight that I can use for my MZ-NHF800?? I really need a backlight... I don't know what was Sony thinking...

Just something to keep in mind - radio function is in the remote and not in the unit itself. By changing to a remote with a backlight, you're sacrificing your unit's radio function, which is the NHF800's claim to fame over its sibling unit, the NH700. Without a radio remote, your NHF800 is now basically a (radio-less) NH700. To keep the radio function, you'd need to use either the 37LT or 39LT, both of which aren't backlit, unfortunately. If losing the radio is not a big deal to you, then go for the remote change and enjoy the backlight. Good luck!

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Sony really fooled its UK customers when these happy MDers discovered the RH10 was supplied with a crappy remote. Its disappointing to see that the high-end of the Hi-MD range does not benefit from one of the greatest of sony's inventions.

Therefore i've used my old RM-MC33EL that had been supplied with my NH900 (UK), but a short while ago, the remote started to emit sound only in the left ear, tinkering with the earphones' plug in the remote socket periodically rendered the sound in both ears. Does anyone know a good shop in London which sells a variety of remote controls? (apart from sony centers which are terrible)



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