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Timer Recording Using Hi-md (part 2)

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I (kurisu) have nothing to do with this post; I'm just helping cfairfowl share it with the world. It all started with this topic: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=8570

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The cradle and how it works - 2 solenoids push the play and record buttons for you when commanded to do so by a timer. When the signal is cut from the MD machine i.e. the tuner is also powered down by the timer the walkman goes into pause mode and then shuts down altogether after five minutes it’s then ready for the next program. You have to have the power supply connected to the walkman but that’s not a problem as the cradle is designed with that in mind.

I am a Design draughtsman working in the subsea oil and gas industry so designing it was easy for me (I use CADD). I had some of the components made, made some myself and a friend did the electronics.

I use it to record the Classical music from BBC Radio 3 when I am out of the house or if they come on early in the morning while I am sleeping. The NiMD will record (as you know) on and off for up to 7:50mins in HiSP or longer in LP if required.

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The cradle is not a one off program timer..it will start stop, start stop as many times as you want until the disc is full – I use a 7 day timer that has 50 switches (that’s on – off 25 times), it can also be set to operate every Mon. or Tue etc. at the same time saving on programming so if you have a favorite program that comes on every day one program will take care of that leaving you 24 to play with ..very flexible. The timers I use are simple domestic timers and cost me £14 for 2 from ARGOS….nothing fancy. You can simply cancel a program to so if you want to re-use that time you don’t have to reset it again you just reinstate the function – really well thought out.

user posted image

As you can see the closeness of the buttons on the walkman does not present a problem I got round that by using off-set push rods and it works fine – the unit will work with 2 small square 9v batteries. You must have a walkman with PUSH type buttons not slider buttons though.

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My NH900 has a slider type record button (with a little push-in bit in the middle that I guess is some sort of lock to prevent accidental recording; though it's only 1 button, not record+play, as you seem to have done). My father-in-law loves a challenge and although he's never done anything quite like this before, he's a retired electronic engineer and a whizz at fixing cars so I can't imagine either the electronic / electrical or mechanical aspects of this would be a problem for him. I'm wondering whether to ask him very nicely if he'll have a go at constructing something...

I'm guessing a solenoid that pushes the button from an angle is the solution.

Any advice?

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As a programmer I think I'd just write a program to do it myself....

Would have thought TV tuner cards that have radio would do this already.

Sparky191, thiis reply was sent to MD MAX in error and it was for you old boy – sorry, it was late and I had just come back off my hols.

You seem to think building this cradle was a waste of time! your opinion is welcome of course but you seem to have missed the point – MD CONVENIENCE and SIMPLICITY, once the timer is programmed all you have to do is pop a HiMD into the Walkman drop Walkman into the cradle and forget about it. I have a PC, Laptop, ROLAND Edirol UA-25 and a Lacie USB2 HHD connected to a DAB Radio tuner but NO "Convenient" TIMER operation with it, most recording software allows only one recording operation and normally you need to leave the machine on too. I use HDD for recording (when I am in doors and want to use that facility) most of the time I'm out when recordings are made - hence TIMER recording.

Unlike yourself I am not a programmer so you will appreciate my difficulty in DIY customised software.

In order to get 7hrs:55mins and automatic recording is not that easy, I like the cradle system - it uses HiMDs, it's portable, editing is easy etc, etc. Oh and I hate those f***ing MP3s - I would rather be deaf - come to think of it, people who use them and say how great they sound must be deaf - tone deaf at least.

I also use a Studer A807 Mk. 2 connected to a Revox B760 FM tuner – (timer controlled) Sony MDS E10, Sony MDS JB940 and two DAB tuners all timer controlled, the cradle was a bit of fun and I wanted to be able to record longer programs at the higher quality end of HiMD and stick with the MD and HiMD format.

This was an interesting little project that cost less than 150 pounds and works very well – I am well pleased with it but can also appreciate you feel it’s a complete waste of space.


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