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Forum User Creates Independent Music Software

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Forum member xispe has created independent software that can browse, play and extract music from most ATRAC hard-drive devices called "Grab Your Music" (GYM). This is an excellent initative that has been progressing steadfast and I suggest you spend a moment looking into it and help in making it better.


Full information about this software can be found here

Download the file here: http://www.atraclife.com/downloads/details.php?file=44

(Microsoft .NET Framework is required)

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Excellent piece of software.

Still get errors when I try to play the files but to get an orderable list of items on my VP is amazing.

Really useful.

How can we export a txt file of the contents of the music player?

Thanks fo ryour efforts.

This software is excellent so far!!

Thanks again.


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This software is GREAT.

It allows me to see the contents of my VP in alphabetical order order and I can search by Genre or Artist of Track or Album so it is fantastic.

2. Questions :

1. I might sound a bit dull here but when it asks on installation for the mp3 file manager - what does it mean?

I have installed the mp3 addition to SS but this does not seem to make a difference.

2: When I try to play a track I get an unhandled exception - are these two things related ?

Great work on the app - look forward to hearing your thoughts on the probs.


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hei guys!!

I have installed this GYM and it really works well with MP3s incredible!!

I have some questions:

1. Is it possible with this Program to add MP3´s or OMA´s to the player? The Mp3 File Manager does not do the order of the Mp3´s really correct.

2. Is it possible to save OMA (ATRAC) files to the Harddisc on the PC (so now back from the player to PC)? I tried this, but it just creates a folder with the artist name, but there´s no file inside. MP3 works.

Any idea?

Thank You!!



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mp3filemanager (mp3fm) is a piece of software that allows drag & drop transfer to Sony Atrac Devices.

Can be downloaded easily, there's plenty of information about it on this forum.

The mp3 addition to SS is something else and has nothing to do with mp3fm.


Nope, that's not possible. mp3fm seems to sort by date, I discovered this when I copied my complete collection from pc to pc using an ftp server running on one of these pcs... All the dates are changed and mp3fm transfers in the correct order. Lovely!

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Guest Stuge

This isn't anything new :unsure:

We have a dedicated thread for GYM. Am I missing something?

This topic once on the blog page which has been removed from there .. you are not missing anything .

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