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Recording From Music Dvd To Md?

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I would like to know if their is any way I can record the sound track from a DVD to a MiniDisc?

I have some music DVD's I really enjoy and would like to record the music to a Mini Disc so I can enjoy them even more.

I know there must be a way to do it and for sure this is where to find out how.

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Copying directly from the optical out of a DVD player depends on that player's transcoding AC3, MP2, DTS, or MLP to PCM [the same format as CDs] with a sampling rate between 32-48kHz. Many DVD players do not trancode to PCM on their output at all, though you can likely tell if yours does by going into its setup menu system, looking for audio options, and looking for an option that causes it to either put out 1 - AC3/DTS or 2 - PCM. Switch it to PCM if the option exists.

Not all discs will play as SCMS "copy proof", and not all players honour it even when the data says to.

The only way to find out is to try it.

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