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Ss3.0 Cant Transfer Tracks To Himd

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Hi, I am totally confused with Sony's SonicStage software.

I hate a moment, when I have decided to buy HiMD RH10 instead of iRiver.

Now go ahead with describing my problem:

1) I can't install SS3.1, because I have only internet connection in my work. So I have tried both installers for SS31. Official Sony installer is not compatible with our MS ISA server, so I cant install it on my computer at work. Kurisu's MDCF instalation cannot be installed, because installation halted on forgotten WMP9 audio codecs. So I have SS3.0 installed from CD enclosed to my himd player

2) I have ripped some files from audio cd to mp3 format. All files were created in the same time with same codec and bitrate. But when I have tried import mp3 files from disk, 12 tracks were imported succesfully, but other 9 tracks were imported to "any artists" folder.When I tried to transfer these files to HiMD, SS30 wrote error message: "Cannot transfer files:" and lists 9 tracks from "any artists" folder.

What can I do with this my problem ?

Thank you for any advice.I like my RH10, but I dont like SS software.


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If you have the original audio CD, you will have fewer problems and better quality by using SimpleBurner (from your SonicStage CD or the Downloads section here). It will transcode directly from CD to MD without wasting your hard-drive space and without the intermediate mp3 stage. In SimpleBurner, click CONFIG (upper right) and make sure under Settings that Recording Mode is Hi-LP or better, not 48kbps.

Meanwhile, can you drag-and-drop the tracks from "any artists" to the other folder that has the rest of the CD? Try that and see if SonicStage will make the transfer.

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Here's a very clear explanation of why SS 3 is giving you so much trouble. Since I never use its library if I can help it, I had not realized that its library functions are so different from SS 2 and so intrusive.


Why can't SS 3 do a basic thing like import groups? Because of Sony's idiotic DRM. I once called Sony Customer Support about this problem and they blithely suggested I retitle every song in every group I wanted to import. "We apologize for the inconvenience." It's not an inconvenience--it's theft of services from users.

Kurisu, you should seriously consider keeping SS 2.3 among the downloads for people who don't like having their libraries tampered with.

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