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MZ-RH910S now available from Sony New Zealand

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Sony NZ now has a silver MZ-RH910S $549.95NZ ($494AUS)


The price looks rather high compared to the RRP in US $199.95US ($260AUS) or HongKong $1798HK ($301AUS)

Which makes it hard to understand why there are still no 2nd Generation Hi-MD units released in Australia. Perhaps it is payback for Australia's stance on Whaling.

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In the US, iPods are the most expensive mp3 player around.

In NZ, they are the cheapest. Go grab yourself a 4G 20GB iPod. It's $400 from noel leeming and bond and bond, and until tomorrow is $387 at dick smith.

I wouldn't pay $500 for an iPod. I certainly wouldn't pay $550 for an MD. I don't trust it to last a year. Besides you can resell even a completely dead iPod for at least $100 as trademe proves every now and then. Didn't you know the hard drive in an iPod mini costs more than the iPod mini?

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We never get any of the good stuff odown here (nz), I had to order my MZ-RH10 MD from Hong Kong - $530 nz! Guess that's the price we pay for being so far away from everyone else!


This just shows Sony's bizzare approach to marketing their products around the world; that you could obtain the higher spec MZ-RH10 from overseas for less than the Mz-RH910. Don't they realise that the internet makes it easy to compare the overseas prices. I'd like to support local retailers when I can but Sony's pricing structure actively discourages that.

For instance the MDR-NX1 earphones have an RRP of $49.95 (or around $54AUS) in USA while here in Australia it is $129. Interestingly MDREX81SL also have a USA rrp $49.95 but the Australian rrp is $119.00, why the $10 difference ?

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take a read of this thread. should be read by every aussie/nz imo


I too have followed that thread with alarm but the recent appearance of the MZRH-10/910 in Sony Singapore & Malaysia & the 910 in NZ does raise some faint hope.

Perhaps the next Pulse magazine will bring some joy.

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