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problems converting .oma files on multiple pc's!

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I have been using the university computer in the radio station to transfer Hi-MD mic-in recording at PCM and HiSP modes. I have been using marc's Hi-MD renderer to convert the files from .oma to .wav. Naively, i thought by burning the .oma files to a CD as backup storage i could later convert them in the same manner on a different computer (home PC) , but i tried to do so and recieved and error. I then tried to convert a .oma file that was transfered to my home PC originally and it worked fine.

I dont know why it works that way, but i've realised it does. However those .oma files on CD are the ONLY copies of some audio that i transfered. Is there anyway they can be converted to wav and saved? These recordings are incredibily important to me, anyone had this problem and found a way around it?

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- if you still have the discs: did you upload using SS3.2? if so, you could upload again if you still have them on disc... if not do not try to upload again as this will erase the discs but transfer them in realtime

- if you do not have the discs: I'm afraid you are out of luck... there isn't yet a method known to restore them (but do not throw anything away as it might be possible in the future) even though laplace has aparently found some way of restoring them (see this post) but hasn't shared the method yet

but for future use... remember to follow this procedure and to make a backup of the master in wav or FLAC or another lossless codec

good luck

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I used the bundled ss 2.1 i think, i tried to update to the newer version but firewalls at uni prevented me from using sony's site and the full installer gave me codec 9 issues and wouldn't install.

Only copies i have are the .oma files burnt as data to CDR's. I will try and copy them back to the original pc but i don't like my chances, since the install of SS has since been un-installed.

Has anyone noticed how Windows media player will play .oma files? at first i thought this meant they were safe to transfer as .oma's, but obviously WMP was using info from SS or something, i'm not too much of a tech head so i'm just guessing that it's encrypted into the header which .oma bit-rate it is? and without the relevant SS file to tell it whether it's PCM, Hi-SP or Hi-LP that they can't be converted..... fingers crossed someone finds a way to crack it.

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Can you share any details on how to leave the DRM off, or point me towards a thread that explains the procedure. This looks like exactly what I've been looking for -- a way to not be restricted to 1 PC's SonicStage library for uploading/downloading recordings I'm making of my group.

~ peace, Kevin J

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