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Buena Vista's singer Ferrer dies

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IBRAHIM Ferrer, the mild-mannered singer of the Buena Vista Social Club group that took him from shining shoes to world fame late in life, died on Saturday in Havana. He was 78.

The Grammy winner, known for his trademark cap and grey moustache, died of multiple organ failure after returning ill on Wednesday from a European tour, according to Daniel Florestan, his manager.

He will surely be missed by the music community!

Excuse me while I enjoy a beverage and listen to some BVSC.

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He will definately be missed.

I've been to Cuba many times, and to some of the clubs that Ibrahim and the rest have played, but unfortunately nevr saw them.

The music scene in Cuba is phenominal, and when I get my next MD there will be much recording.

God Bless Ibrahim


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I was floored by that movie and soundtrack. My wife and I caught a tour of some of them, including Ibrahim in Seattle at the Paramount back in 99 or 2000. It was a musical highlight for us. Sorry to hear the news but glad I was awaken to his beauty and talent. May he rest in peace.


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