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Do you remember Tamagotchi … that crazy phenomenon of the mid-1990s? Well, the PET-F7 FUNBBIT was Sony’s attempt in the 1990s to capitalize on the success of Bandai infamous cute little egg. The concept of FUNBBIT is the fundamentally same with Bandai’s Tamagotchi. However, unlike Tamagotchi, the FUNBBIT is used to interact with your CD or MD Walkman.







So, how does it work? Well, you basically connect the FUNBBIT with your CD or MD Walkman via its headphone jack and the creature will interact with you thru music.


from the PET-F7 Operating Manual said:
FUNBBIT is a sweet-toothed music lover and a rabbit from the moon. Share music with him on your Walkman – he’ll dance for you in his collection of costumes. Leave him without music, and he’ll munch on his favorite sweets until you have to put him on a diet! emoticons/default_shok.gif






I know this device may not be everybody's cup of tea, but thought I share this one of a kind device with you guys. :whistling:

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Wow what a nifty little device. It would have been even cooler if Sony developed a "Walkman version" or some such, where not only audio would be routed through the little guy but also MD/CD remote port signals--that way you could even switch to text/time display and have the thing double as a remote!

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