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i made huge mistake

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the sonicstage 3.2 download on this site is nice, was newer then my version. but of course now it dont find my walkman. do i need drivers again?

i found all these driver downloads all over the net but of course they do nothing.


its not as plug and play as i would have hoped -.-

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Do you have XP SP1 or SP2? Or neither. I'll tell you what happened to me...

I had XPSP1 installed on the computer and I'd always held off SP2 because I didn't like certain things about it. Then I got an NH900 Hi-MD. The included 2.1 sonicstage worked well for me. And I was happy.

Then I spied that there was a version 3.1 on this site and got the full pack. Installed it and lost my Hi-MD from the software. Couldn't get it back. Then I heard that maybe SP2 would help. I installed it and hurrah - it worked!

So, ever since, I've been using my Hi-MD without any problems whatsoever. I'm loving it more and more. Hope this helps. Hmm... just checked my SS software and noticed, I don't have 3.2 installed.



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under my computer it says a external drive is connected, and if i try to check harware, it says its working fine. just sonic stage cant find it

im going to uninstall 3.2 and just use my cd

I'm using a powered USB hub to connect my Hi-MD portable. I noticed that if the power to the hub was off, Windows XP would detect it as as external storage device but it would be invisible to SonicStage. USB devices that require electrical current from the PC do not always operate correctly through an unpowered hub with many other devices connected!

However once I had power going to the hub, Windows XP found and loaded the drivers for the Hi-MD and it was visible in SonicStage once again.

Make sure your USB hub, if you're using it, has a working power supply (or the switch on the hub is set to operate off the mains supply!). Failing that, locate a USB port that has a non-essential device, remove it and plug in your Hi-MD portable into that USB port.

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