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MZ-N1 - MZ-NH1

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I have written this post because of misran who wrote me a PM asking about a review

between MZ-N1 and MZ-NH1. I meant to PM him back but then the message got

longer and longer and so i decided it might interest someone else.

This is not about the common (dis)advantages between Hi-MD and standard MD

there are thousands of threads about it. This one is about the detail differences

between the MZ-N1 and the MZ-NH1.

First of all I own my MZ-NH1 unit since april '05.

Recently I had to send in the remote because the Vol+ button didn't work anymore.

As an overall review I liked the N1 more than my NH1.

Which brought some hassle since you can not access all the functions

on the unit and the display on the unit won't show the track titles!

What I liked more with my N1 was

the wheel on the unit (on the NH1 you have a wheel on the remote which is also


the display on the unit (3 lines over 1 line),

the battery life is far worse and neither expandable

(no battery pack) nor exchangeble (ok it is but it's some proprietary

Sony lithium which would cost me 60€).

The USB cable is also propietary so you are better not going to waste it but worse

with that is you have to carry it along with you.

Besides you can only charge while the unit is in the cradle and only connect to the

computer without a cradle (considering you don't import the world

tourists/japanese cradle).

to be fair I should mention that the N1 connects the computer while in the cradle...

About the build quality I would say the units are around the same if not the NH1 superior.

Judged by the case: The metal seems more solid and maybe thicker even though

the unit is smaller (but a bit larger).

The hold and open button seem better quality on the NH1 (they both broke with

my N1 - the hold button even twice).

When I first got my NH1 I didn't like the remote very much. On the one hand

because I needed to exchange the pocket I carry it with me from left to right. I

think the display on it should be vice versa (including the buttons on the upper

and lower side).

On the other hand I liked the jog dial on the stick remote of the N1 because it's

much easier to skip tracks and turn the Volume up and down while riding the

bike. First I barely do anyways but it easily happens by accident with the NH1's

remote if you have hold switched off or want to press the skip button down to

enter a menu. I even went so far to use my old remote in the first place but since

its not fully compatible eg. some buttons functions exchanged or with even no

function, I got used with the new remote. Nowadays I like it really much.

About the quality: Even though my N1 broke several times on me I would say it's

made of good quality. Why? Lets give me a proof: I can compare it to my mobile

phone since it is exposed to nearly the same influences. (yes I know mobile

phones are very poor quality but anyways). I have my mobilephone in one bag of

my trousers and the MD in the other. Like this I'm riding my bike nearly everyday

no matter what weather it is. So both these electronics are exposed to sweat,

rain, heat, coldness, vibrations (and sometimes even a crash rolleyes.gif ).

My mobilephones are giving up full functionality after 3 -6 months, after A year I

could not sell it anymore and after that I am the only person who will be able to

use it because its damaged so much. The MD simply rocks and rocks. I gave my

old unit to a friend and he's quite happy with it. I could not sell it in the end

also because the display on the main unit was broken but that was after 3 years and not after 1 year.

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