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newbie here...purchased a hi-md

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whats up peoples?...i dont know if you guys remember me..i was lookin for the battery pack for my mz-n10..yess i did purchase it from sony...my butt still hurts...anyhow, i purchased a mzh-600d unit from a fine looking chick in long beach about 2 weeks ago....the headphone jack thingy is happening to mine as well...(rubber band works wonders)...i dont have manual so how do i get 45 hours on my disc?...i want a lower bitrate transfer..help

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You can download the manual from the downloads section or


You will need to use a 1GB Hi-MD disc to store that much. I used an ATRAC3 @ 66k bit rate or Hi-LP (32hrs & 50mins). If you use a standard MD around 9 hrs.

see page 49 of the manual. I tried 64k the first time and ended up with a bunch of unplayable songs.

I also you can obtain the lastest SonicStage V3.2 from the downloads section of this forum.

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