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What Was The Last Film You Saw?

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Guest Stuge

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Tu as réussi à le voir en v.o. ? Les cinoches près de chez wam ne le proposent qu'en v.f. :glare: ...

Comment est Daniel Craig ? Il s'est décoincé un peu ?


Nan malheuresement je l'ai vu en VF (je suis sur bourges en ce moment alors des ciné en VO...)

Daniel Craig humm bah je trouve qu'il joue bien le perso mais tjr un peu renfermé. Mais j'ai bien aimé, dans la même veine que Casino royal, mais plus tourné sur james bond, les méchants sont un peu "secondaire" dans celui là...

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... the new Indiana Jones movie, see it if you haven't, mucho recommended


Glad you enjoyed it. I found it a rather tiring exercise in nostalgia. The best thing about the film was Cate Blanchet scowling in a black page boy.


Been down with a cold this week and so have been watching more than normal. Last night was Sukiyaki Western Django, a film that is clever and witty in so many ways. Unfortunately the characters are entirely unengaging and it drags on for at least 30 minutes. It also looks and feels a bit too much like Kill Bill, another movie that suffered from the same problems. My advice would be to skip it unless you're a Japanophile or into pretentious movie making. IMHO, of course.


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Just watched The Dark Knight, and Hancock,

Dark Knight was alright, and I agree with most that Heath did a fair job as The Joker, to me, not as good as Jack nicolson's Joker, but good. I do not believe in idolizing someone whose choices in life caused his death, so my vote if it counted, would not to give him an Oscar for his portrayal.

As for Hancock, to me a far more enjoyable watch, I would recommend this one before Dark Knight.



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Christopher Nolan | The Dark Knight (2008)

based on the DC Comics superhero character created by Bob Kane & Bill Finger


With: Christian Bale - Michael Caine - Heath Ledger - Gary Oldman - Aaron Eckhart - Maggie Gyllenhaal - Morgan Freeman

Way overrated. Sure Heath Ledger does a great performance, but I must very much agree with what David Denby of The New Yorker writes about the movie...

Agreed, as to Ledgers performance, isn't it an actor's job to act, again he did a good performance, but if he were still alive, would he still get the accolades on this performance. I still am weary of rewarding stupidity, and he paid the ultimate price for stupidity



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Mummy 3 on DVD, sat it out with some friends and a lot of beer, then threw it in the garbage bin where it belongs.

Completely ruined by extremely childish dialogues and a story copied from part 1, but far worse. Later it gets completely chaotic in an avalanche of mediocre spectacle. Skip this one unless you're completely braindead.

...hm, nice, balanced review. Perhaps I have a talent for this? B)

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