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Replacement Unit for the MZ-NH1?

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I have sent in my non-working MZ-NH1 to Sony, who have promised to

exchange it for a 'comparable' unit.

I have Macintosh, and now see that the newest models will allow digital

transfer of PCM recordings as .WAV files to the Mac.

This is not super important to me, but would be nice.

They have offered the following models as replacements:




I may be able to talk them into an upgrade (with some $$ from me) to

MZM10 or MZM100.

What advice can anyone give me about the best one to accept in this exchange.

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If you don't need to record LP2 or LP4 on the unit itself, and would like native mp3 playback, go for the RH10...

The MZM10 & MZM100 would definitely be preferable if you could get them... Though I think those models as well cannot record in LP2 or LP4, on the unit itself that is. IMO the ability to upload to MAC is a decent trade-off in this case.

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I have TWO MZ-NH1 units and LOVE them. However I would like to be able to reformat my MDs that were previously used in the MD mode as HiMDs instead. The directions tell me to go into the EDIT mode and then select "Format", but with these non-write protected MDs loaded in the unit, the EDIT mode does not appear when I choose to go into the Menu. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks for being here!

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I would go NH900 first, RH10 second, and 910 third, mp3 is of no importance to me, but ist generations just look better, maybe if I see OLED in person it may sway me, but most of the time the unit is in a pocket or pouch, so remote is more important.

It really boils down to wjat you want, and at this time I'm working hard to replace my NH1 with another NH1.

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thanks everyone for your responses -

I hated the NH1 from the first day -

let me count the ways-

-Some functions only work on the remote, some only on the main unit.

-I can't read the pathetic screen.

-I don't see why a unit that is so beautiful looking and compact requires a

bulky charging stand and AC cord to travel with.The simple compact charger

that came with my old MZ R-50 was much more appropriate.

-I couldn't load a new MD into the unit while it is engaged in the charging stand.

-Functions that used to be easily accessible on the R-50 were many layers down

in the menu on only the remote.

The good?

The HiMD PCM recordings are beautiful - my primary purpose is to record live with my band, (in-line) as well as recording my Steinway through a microphone. I'll probably never use this for mp3 playback.

As previously stated - the NH1 is beautiful, but that's all.

Sony offered me a reconditioned NH1. I specifically asked them for anything but.

Thanks again for the input from everyone.

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