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M-Crew Software for Sony CMT-SE9

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1. You will NOT get M-Crew working in Windows 64-bits. That problem is unsolved unless someone can do magic with Zadig that so far I haven't figured out.
2. If you are running 32-bits Windows 10 you need to do a couple of things:

a. Get rid of ALL the old NetMD drivers""""(the previous one definitely had an error in it) before installing the latest .inf file along with NetMD760
b. Enable unsigned driver installation. The only way I know to do this reliably is to hold down shift while clicking on the restart icon in Windows 10.

If you are running Windows 64-bits then you WILL need to do these two steps in #2. This should enable SonicStage but not M-Crew.

Hope this helps!

****: instructions for this are posted elsewhere and involve inspecting and removing a bunch of files from C:\WINDOWS\INF

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3 hours ago, sfbp said:

The PCLKUSB driver is the problem. Like I say, someone needs to figure out how to make it work with 64-bits via a stub or something.

Yes, I see that. The SE9 seems using a different driver ("PclkComm", though it might just as be another name for the same stuff), but if that one does not install on an x64 system either (as I suspected above), then this is a dead end for now.

We can approach the problem from another angle, and set the target slightly differently. Let's say the goal is to have his SE9 working with M-Crew, without an actual XP machine or virtual PC. He can turn his PC into a dual boot system (first freeing up a couple of 10 GB hard disk space), where  the second boot would then be the 32 bit version of his current OS. (The only unknown is how far the generic 32 bit device drivers get with the given hardware, if there are no 32 bit drivers existing for this and that hw component.) From there, installing the USB driver in legacy mode and installing/running M-Crew in XP SP3 compatibility mode should make it. From this second boot he can then still access his media files already on the computer.

Does it sound like scratching your left ear with your right hand :-) ?

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The sad thing is that I recall trying to do just that. I may well be mistaken but I think that there was some other piece missing under Windows 7.

The Swiss guy seemed to nail the fact that px.dll was missing for SimpleBurner. Maybe it's that which we have to find?

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