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How to select PCM recording mode on NH900?

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Hi all

While the forum has been down I’ve struggled with a problem on my nh900. Hopefully now that normal service is resumed someone can come to my rescue once again!

I’ve been recording without problem in Hi-SP but have decided that it’s time to go for quality and record in PCM. Straight forward enough you say, however my minidisc won’t let me!

According to the manual I should have access to the rec set menu when the recorder is stopped but I can’t find it!! The following options are the only ones available:

  • Normal
  • Group
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Bookmark
  • Programme

When I press Rec pause I can access the rec set menu and am able to change to manual volume etc but when I select rec mode I am unable to change to PCM. The unit will allow me to switch between Hi-SP and Hi-LP but when I try to select PCM it says ‘cannot set’. Anyone know why?

I’m using fresh batteries and have tried several different (reformatted) 1GB discs to no avail.

Any assistance is would be much appreciated.

An additional but unrelated problem is that the stop and navi/-menu buttons seem to be faulty/unresponsive. When I press stop it sometimes scrolls through tracks and it’s difficult to make it charge/safely remove disc without multiple presses of the stop button (and a few choice words)! Also, getting to the rec menu using the navi/-menu button is really difficult while in rec-pause (but not when the recorder is stopped). I appreciate that you need to press and hold but it shouldn’t take 2 minutes! This can be very frustrating while setting up for a covert recording in a crowded WC!

If my worst fears are true and I have to send the unit back what's likely to happen? Has anyone had experiences of repair/replacement?

many thanks

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greenmachine is completely right... just read this as it describes the problems and my solution (I had it repaired by Sony under warranty to keep a long story short)

about the no-PCM thing I can't really say what to do, but I'll have a look at my unit later to see whether I can see where the problem could be found

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Thanks for all your help on this guys. It's appreciated.

I've finally managed to access the menu when the unit has no disc in it (took me 10 minutes though!) and have changed to PCM. Hooray. HOWEVER, I've just noticed that every time I press and hold the stop button the display shows HiSP but reverts to PCM when I release!! Good grief.

I've got loads of concerts planned and I use the minidisc for work so I'm reluctant to send it back to Sony for *&^% knows how long. I bought it from a catalogue chain of ill repute (Argos - it was really cheap) and there's no way that they will have any techy people to look at it.

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