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SI: ECM-HW1 Wireless Microphone Is Totally Worth It

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Well, after my last post about Choosing the right Sony HD Camcorder, I did purchase one - the HDR-SR10. Unfortunately, the SR11 was just a bit out of my financial reach, but I have been quite satisfied so far with the results of this camera. I will be using the HDR-SR10 to record high definition video at the Consumer Electronics Show and for various product reviews throughout the year. Like most consumers, I purchased a couple of accessories for the camcorder, including the mysterious ECM-HW1 bluetooth wireless microphone.

Despite the steep price, the ECM-HW1 is totally worth it (Amazon sells it for $127USD). We admit there is a rather odd appearance found in the grey bluetooth receiver, however, this is a truly interesting marriage of camcorder and bluetooth technologies. The white microphone

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Guest gloryforixseal

The sound quality is really great with this USB mic. It is not wireless, but for videos I do, it is perfect. I do plan on getting a real video camera one day, as opposed to using my built in laptop camera but I am told, video quality is not as important as the sound quality, especially for online distribution.

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