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Donations for the Hi-MD Render Project

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To quote one of the respected elders, A440:

Starting a separate topic here to remind people that Marcnet has done us all a great service, and it takes about 20 seconds to send him some $$ via Paypal.

The high-speed upload that everyone has been wishing for since the dawn of minidisc is now a reality, thanks to Marcnet (and no thanks to Sony). Everybody who's grateful should put their money where their mouth is.

Skip that next latte and give Marc an incentive to perfect HiMDRender. Obviously he's just one guy spending who knows how much time to make this thing work. He's not getting paid like the Sony engineers who put all the obstacles in our way. Let's make it worth his while.

The donation button is at http://www.marcnetsystem.co.uk It is a SECURE donation via Paypal.

EDIT: HEY! More that 1000 people have now read this message and it looks like about one out of 100 makes a donation. How pathetic is that? He's done constant updates AND provided tech support to everyone here who asks a question, and his program is now working glitch-free. If everyone now using the program sent just $5 it would make a big difference. Anyone who doesn't--well, now that Sony has begrudgingly given us the slow, annoying, deliberately crippled Wav converter, we need Marc even more.

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