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How do you use your Hi-MD unit(s)?

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How do you use your (Hi)MD unit(s)?  

  1. 1. How do you use your (Hi)MD unit(s)?

    • Playback / listening mainly
    • Live recording mainly
    • Data storage and other backups
    • I don't use them, i collect them
    • Other (please specify)

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I use my MD unit for all the above. I listen to music transferred directly from my own music collection on my PC as MP3s. I also record lectures at Uni, and also at Uni I use my MD player as my portable data storage device too. All the students keep whaltzing around with USB memory sticks that're 64/128/256/512/1024Mb in size and cost a fair whack each, and then there's me with my MD player and 1Gb disks at a fiver apiece. Granted the MD unit itself cost a fair bit but I know I'm still better off :P

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I chose playback/listening mostly...but I wished I could honestly have selected recording, as that really is my most loved application of HiMD!

I just don't get the chance often enough (either I'm too busy or there's not really anything I'd like to record... or even worse, there is and I have got the time, but for once I didn't bring my entire setup, so I'm stuck staring at a brilliant spontaneous performance without any mics on me :angry: )

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Bear in mind that part of the beauty of HiMD is it's wide range of uses. Mostly I use it just for listening but I also use the data storage both for moving files and for backing-up data. I also record from DVDs, copy-controlled CDs or other things. Nothing else can do this to the quality I get from MD.

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