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Others Hi-MD Software... do tell

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First of all ... Sorry if this topic has been discussed ... or in the wrong place ...

Beside SonicStage, what others software can be use to tranfer atrac3/mp3 to a hi-md.

i've been using sony md product range since the first sony md 500 series and now i'm using RH10, and seriusly... SonicStage totally sucks. ver 3 seems to be a bit ok from ver 1 and 2. Everytime i install it, it's only took me 1-2 month till i have to re-install my windows. :wacko:

IS there any others software for these gob ... or i'm stuck with this crappy SonicStage

... do tell

Side Question : To other RH10 owner... does the buttons on the player always go crazy... or it just me?

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Why do you think that SS sucks? I use to think that way when i had SS 2.x but new versions has been a big improvement. It's not the best software you could have for something like this, but it's pretty acceptable.

About your problem... maybe you're not doing a clean install (search the forums on how to..) and if you have to reinstall winxp after 2 moths of SS being installed, i believe that your problem has nothing to do with SS.

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... there is always the "Real Player" plug-in for downloading to MD.

However this is somewhat restrictive as it has to be NetMD LP2 or LP4, and there isn't a device plug-in yet for HiMD.

SonicStage or OpenMG Jukebox also need to be installed.

However, having said all that the "drag and drop interface" is reasonably intuitive and consistent with other device interfaces available in Real Player.

I've used it a few times within the limitations mentioned above.

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Why do you think that SS sucks?

That's would I ask as well, it is pretty solid now and I use it daily.

On the other paw, we all know, that MS-Windows suffers from bit-rot.

Windows-installations deteriorate over time, I used to reinstall Win98 every three months.

However, with Win2k or WinXP that improved, so you should get atleast 6 to 9 months lifetime from a Windows-install.

Or considerably more, if you have only a few office applications running.

And in my case, the presence of SonicStage had no influence on that. Not even the buggy 2.0 .

1 to 2 months is not normal, there must be something else.

Played any copyprotected CDs recently?

Used the Internet Explorer for websurfing despite all warnings?

(Remember: Certain Browser like Neowin use IE for rendering and are susceptible as well)

Even used Outlook Express for E-Mail? :o

And installing 32768 million programs isn't really improving the systems stability.

What about the security updates and Service Packs?

That's only a few of the problems I encounter regularly, when someone asks me for help in fixing the PC.

In one case, I found close to 20 viruses and nearly 400 infected files on a laptop...

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After heard u guys on ver 3.2/3.3... i guest maybe my windows who got the problem or maybe the hardware...

who knows... maybe i'll buy myself a new windows.. maybe Vista, when it official release.

But still... i still think sonicstage sucks... here's a few reasons i'm having (beside the windows prob)

1 - Everytime i run SS, i pitty my PC... to much noice an my hard disk. It's like running a big 3d game. I can get all the fuction (except MD) with MediaCenter that open in a blink... maybe the MD function make it heavy.

2 - it goes more heavy when i import my songs from my hard disk (6000+ songs)... maybe it does'nt work well with that heavy load.

3 - Donno bout version 3, but ver 2 were make using micromedia flash... do the math!

I tried creative md software that comes with my soundblaster... but at that time only record using wave out/optical <> line in. no usb support yet. don't know bout the new version, but i dont crazy bout the software, just wanted the soundcard. Tried RealPlayer... like u said "Mr_Bass_Man", still need sonicstage/openmg installed...

So, maybe there is no altenative for sonicstage... well, not the end of the world

Sorry for the maybes ... to many... i need some sleep... 3 days is to much...

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