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ATRACLife's Perspective on Successor to Sonicstage --


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ATRACLife has an interesting summation on the state of the new Walkman and how things with Connect Player (successor to Sonicstage) are up to this point. A question that lingers for us -- will USB capable Minidisc units still be supported with Connect Player? -cgm

Hey, hi board,

Looks like the tinyhttp.exe is a very heavy memory user (120MB to 300MB). Has anyone info on this .exe?

Can one run connect without this program?

Is this another piece of spyware/rootkit/sonyware?

This board is really great. Go on ...

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After searching around, there are three different versions of this tinyhttp.

First, it is a very small webserver, working perfectly in a few MB of RAM.

This one is quite old.

Second, it points to a short url sevice: TinyHttp

The third one is the Connect-Player.

And that seems to run the GUI of the software.

But tiny it isn't.

Looks like they tried to built a webbrowser for the connect store and instead of using a well proven engine like Mozillas Gecko, they made one themselves and out came a monster.

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