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sell me on a minidisc player...

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okay... its time. after being interested in minidisc players for over a friggin' decade, i think the mz-rh10 is gonna be my new best friend. the fact thats its backlit with a lovely display, plus the new 1gb discs, it seems like the time is right. for the last couple months, ive been going to the sony style store at the mall every wednesday after dropping my girlfriend off at school to play with the rh910. i generally love it, the menus and display, etc...

HOWEVER, i want stories from you guys. which ones you have, the pros/cons of each... i suppose, specifically if you have an rh10, that would be helpful.. (and yes, ive already read practically every thread on the board, but i want more. MORE!!!)

and i have a question or two, too!

firstly, the remotes. what kind of display can you get with a remote? can you search with it, or do you have to do that on the player? i like to search out songs when i get one stuck in my head, and if i can do so with a remote, i would consider a less expensive player with a remote control instead of paying so much for the oled screen...

secondly, right now i have an ipod, so all my songs are in AAC format in itunes. would i basically have to re-rip all my cds to sonicstage in atrac format?

finally, what players (hi-md or otherwise) have the longest battery life with a rechargeable battery? ive looked around, but im curious what other peoples experiences say...

i look forward to all your posts; now im off to the mall to check 'em out yet again! and my name is jason, by the way :D

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yeah. especially when i have 25+ gigs...

but i was just at the sony style store, and they have some in stock... im getting some gift cards/$ for x-mas, and then i shall strike! i listened to 'higher ground' by the red hot chili peppers, played around with the equalizer, and i was sold...

the guys said the songs were recorded at 96kbps there, so why the hell did it sound so good?? the sound on it was way better than my mp3s (and ipod)... and i dont know why.

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Atrac3plus sounds good or even with the some of the lower bit rates (though for me, the 96kbps sounds just okay), so you can really cram a lot on one 1gb disc.

Sure didn't take a lot of convincing, eh?

I remember when I saw my first minidisc recorder, the R37. Didn't take a lot of convincing for me either. I pretty much had to hold it in my hand once and listen to a couple of songs. Being the gadget freak that I am, I had to have it. No one I knew had anything like it (at school) and I wanted something like that to show off so badly.

I've used a regular MD, a NetMD/MDLP and now I've got my Hi-MD MZ-NH1. You're probably not shopping for one of those though, since it's a first generation Hi-MD unit. Let me say you are going to love Hi-MD. The second generation unit you're considering even lets you play MP3s without recoding to ATRAC.

Looking at the manual There doesn't appear to be a search function from the remote. If you want a remote with an LCD display, you'll have to buy it in addition to the unit. The US edition RH10 only comes with a button remote with no LCD.

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