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FS/Trade: Sony MZ-N10 ..

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I'm thinking of giving up my mz-n10 for sale or trade. As some of you may know, my unit lost it's netMD functionality not too long ago, and after many inquiries with very clueless Sony tech reps, I've just about had it.

I'm still seriously contemplating my loses here .. if I sell this thing, I would have to give up my 20+ MDs I've been "collecting" as they won't be of any use to me anymore. And you could inherit music I've recorded via netMD, whom I am unable to remove "natively", that is, without SonicStage support.

Still, I could just sucker up and keep this darn thing as nothing else besides netMD are broken. You'd be getting just about everything that came with the box: AC adapter, battery pack, USB cable, manual, remote, cloth pocket, the unit itself, and some blank MDs whom I haven't opened up yet. The internal battery life is still decent, maybe a day's worth of continuous listening to music.

So I'm open for suggestions. How much do you people think this would go for, lacking netMD but nothing else?

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Just to confirm the mic and inline still work fine? I'd say that it may have lost 30% of its value, mainly because the NetMD transfer allows for the rapid transfer, but you could still use the inline with an optical cable in real time.

You could always just pick a random number and throw it up on ebay this would give you the market value. Just make sure you have a high reserve so that you get what you think it is worth.

Hope this helps

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Yeah, the line-in and optical still works, just the netMD has gone kaput.

I'm thinking of just getting a really cheap N420D or something that I can use netMD on. Otherwise, I'll probably opt for a Chaintech Av-710 soundcard .. you know, the budget PCI card that has an optical out.

But it's a damn shame .. -_-

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