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Some advice on headphone amps?

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A headphone amp isn't strong enough to be used as a preamp--that is, if you want to send the mic signal through line-in. It's a different level of amplification.

A headphone amp does boost the signal coming out of your headphone jack. So if you have a quiet recording and want to hear it louder, you'd use a headphone amp.

Look online for Cmoy, which is the basic design for portable headphone amps. A lot of people make them themselves or sell them in small quantities. Perhaps you can find one for a telephone order in Canada. Probably about $50 to $70 USD.

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Audacity (in Downloads here) will also amplify. But as you've found, you're also amplifying the background noise. Better to have a recording with more signal, less noise to begin with.

The mic jack should provide some power to the mic. How did you make your initial recording: what mics, what input, what settings?

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