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2 questions: Battery & Hack for RH10

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hi, i'm new to this forum and the hi-md format, so appologies if my questions seem annoyingly newbie-esque.

synopsis of my hi-md usage: i am a performer and use binaural mics and my rh10 to record live music as well as "ambient" environments (groups of people, nature, industrial noises, etc.) i do not use it for commericial music storage or playback.

problems #1: the rh10 sucks power like a vampire. it is good for about 1 hour of continual recording (PCM) and then the power is too low to edit. recording with the ac adaptor produces a god-awful buzz. i read a thread on this forum about batteries with higher mah capacity than the factory nh-14wm(a), but i could not find said batteries on the web. does anyone know the make/model of a good replacement gumstick (anything higher than 1350mah) for the rh10?

problem #2: i also read a thread about hacking into sony md players to change the default settings. is there a known, fool-proof hack for the rh10 that will change the default record setting to manual (as opposed to AGC)?

though i am very happy with the quality of PCM recordings i've made, it seems that there are a host of logistical drawbacks to the hi-md players. i am interested in hearing any problems/solutions/war-stories from anyone out there.

thank you and happy new year.

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- use the AA add-on to get more battery life as 1350/1400mAh gumsticks are the highest you will find I guess

- no "turn AGC-off" hacks I'm afraid... just get used to the routine of turning manual on and setting rec levels... you'll be needing it :P

still welcome to MDCF and the MD-club...hope you enjoy the ride

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You can get 1750mAh batteries but they are hard to get hold of.

www.bargaining4all.com sells them for 15 dollars plus 10 dollars p&p for worldwide delivery. You can pay by paypal i think

I will see if I can find out where on eBay I bought my 1700 or 1750mAh Sony gumsticks, much better price than above quoted anyway. But people have reported that many MD units shuts off before these kind of "extra mAh" batteries are fully charged anyway...

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