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Trade Ideas

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To Jumpstart this dusty area of the forums, I've been kicking around several ideas for awhile. Unfortunately, I've hit sort of a roadblock in coming up with anything decent, so I'll open it up to everyone.

1) "Official" MD Community Forum meets. Organized by yours truly (in the metro Los Angeles area) or willing moderators across the globe, we can meet up every quarter to trade discs, show off and try other people's gears, etc. This should be a great way to expand the community.

2) Theme trades. For instance, for the upcoming Superbowl/Winter Olympics/World Cup Tourney/Other major sporting events, we can initiate your favorite "Jock Jam" type trades. Seasonal trades also, including one for the blistering summer, and the holidays.

3) Trading Blanks. Help your fellow MD.org poster obtain that NEIGE or HOs with a trade.

4) Original works. If you're a budding musician, DJ, master mixer, why not trade your work amongst your peers?

And that's about all I could come up with the last few days. I'm looking for your help on this matter. Looking forward to your ideas as well.

Note: This is a duplicate thread in the Hi-MD Section, but feel free to post your replies here as well

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I've got some HO's that are unused, three shrinkwrapped Denon Lapisia (2002), and a shrinkwrapped TDK Bitfire.

I'm looking for more bitclub's or any others "rare" ones that exist.

Just looking at Oliver Richter's MD collection gallery makes me tickle to the scores of MDs with "style" out there. (Mmmmmm)

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Trading blanks is a bit of a problem for me and others out there might be in the same boat. The reason is:

- I'm in Ireland. The range of blanks available here is -very- restricted and getting smaller. In effect, I have nothing to trade.

I can get disks from audiocubes etc. and start from there. However, I was wondering if there is something that can be done in the context of Damage's 'trading' community to help spread blanks to a wider community?

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Hey banjo, and all who've read this thead if you ordered a 10 pack of discs from audiocubes, i'd do a trade. Ive got loads of Sony ES discs (74min). I listen to mostly rock music(def leppard, ratt, led zeppelin, ac/dc), some pop/rock (the corrs, the cardigans etc)and would like to try some classical music (strauss, chaikovsky, not really up for really heavy stuff like beithoven (sp?). I'd prefer music that was sent via optical from an original cd obviously. I dont mind LP2 transfers if recorded with sonic stage. Again quality would be nice with regard to bit rate the files were converted from. (best to record from an mp3 at minimum 256kb/s bit rate if from mp3 files)


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