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NH1 wont hold charge

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I got a "brand new" NH1 , it has been in a stock room for well over a year now and when charged it show full but is down to 2 bars within 12 hours - quick mode is off.

HELP - i hope its just the battery!

I assume you mean 12 hrs standby not playback :P - How long are you charging the battery for? A full charge for the NH1 entails another 2hrs or so after the red charge light has gone off.

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It's propably 'just' the battery, but you know these are rather hard to find and expensive. I guess a few charge-discharge cycles won't recover the battery significantly, but you can try at least.

For the future, never store the unit for extended time periods with the battery in it, especially not with quick mode on. Store the battery at approx. 40% charge in a cool place when not in use for weeks/months. Deep discharge will kill the battery.

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A new LiIon battery needs a few charge/discharge cycles before reaching its full charge potnetial so try this. If it doesn't help then I'd say you have a battery that's simply too old and you should contact the seller and ask for a new one.

Incidentally, quick mode does not consume any power if there's no disc in the unit so try that as an extra check.

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