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Hey guys,

Any suggestion on which mic would be best suited for me? It's in no way for professional use... it's just for a hobby of mine. I've been making animated short films and want to start putting in voice-overs. I was thinking of just recording it w/ cheapy headsets on my computer, but the MD would be a lot better in terms of portability and well... PORTABILITY =P

I've mainly be recording voices in a conference-type setting. I'd also like to record from a far left/far right perspective to give the movie a slight sense of depth. That's the main use of the mic.

I will also be recording a few concerts (symphonic) so I want to make sure the mic will also be decent for that.


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Don't break the bank. Get the basic SoundProfessionals BMC-2 with clips. You can put them together for a voiceover and separate them (6 inches) for very realistic stereo at a concert.


Or look for church-audio (that's the member name) stereo omni mics on Ebay, though they're harder to find clips for.

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