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Need advice on charging NH-14WM

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I used to charge my Gumstick batteries using a Panasonic charger RP-BC250H (output 1.2V; 0.7A) that supplied with the Panasonic MD player MJ78 purchased some years ago. No problem at all so far(even charging the Sony NH-10WM supplied with RH910), until recently.

Well, I just bought a Sony NH-14WM (stamina) at a local shop, which seems to be those refurbished in China and labelled 'made in Japan'.

Initially, the battery doesn't seem work properly but after a few charging/discharging it seems working OK. I then put the battery into the Panasonic charger and after about two hours, the light goes off but I also feel quite some heat. Now the problem is that the battery have swelled to an extent it can't fit into the player anymore. Has this battery suffered irrepairable damge?

Also, I'm about to buy a EH-70 which I understand it will come with a NH-14WM. What should be the best way to charge this? Should I charge it using the player or use my Panasonic charger?

Any advice are most welcome. Thx.

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I'm using a computer fan for cooling when fast charging batteries (>0.1C). As long as they don't get hot, they shouldn't swell, at least if you don't overcharge them significantly. Avoiding heat should extend their lifespan. Once they're damaged, there's no easy way to 'repair' them. You propably have to dispose the swollen battery.



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Thx for the replies.

Is an output of 0.7A for a charger considered high for a Sony battery? I asked this because I've heard somewhere that the charge should be around 200-400 mA.

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