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okay... i'm confused

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okay. on ss 3.4, when i'm transferring it says 128 kbps is atrac3plus. however, on the faq here, it says "ATRAC3plus output at user selectable bitrates of 132, 105, 66, 64 and 48 kbps"

so is 128 really atrac3plus, like ss says?

and what's the main difference? the size of the output file, right?

sorry for such a newb question :unsure:

however, ive had my silver rh10 (japanese) for a month and a half now and i LOVE it!!! forcing my brother to buy one, too... and yeah, the screen does scratch too easily.

also, the rh10 guide lists atrac3 as 66, 105, and 132 kbps, and atrac3plus as 48, 64, and 256 kbps.

all my stuff is in atrac3 132kbps, and now i feel like a fool if i could fit so much more with 128kbps atrac3plus.

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using sonicstage you can transfer to the RH10

PCM and MP3

Atrac3plus 352, 256, 192, 64 and 48kb/s


Atrac3 at 132, 105, and 66kb/s

The RH10 does not support atrac3plus 128kb/s, this only works for network walkmans

Atrac3plus is newer, and somewhat better than Atrac3. however Atrac3 132 is still good and many people still use it

Hope this helps

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Is there a table somewhere of what is natively uploadable to HiMD? Now with the DRM restrictions lifted a bit I am curious about getting back to making some ATRAC libraries I can use on different PCs. (all personal units! I just mean to be able to take to work and load up my MD, etc).

Do the 1st and 2nd gen HiMD units work with all the same formats, or did Sony add format support for the 2nd gen? (I mean ATRAC3/Plus playback, not like MP3)

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nope, the same atrac/3/+ for 1st and 2nd gen... nothing has really changed except for 192 and 352 kbps added to the original bitrates

atrac-lossless still is useless, only slightly less if you always transfer in a fixed bitrate as you can select that bitrate in the lossless flavor and enjoy the lossless playback through PC/SS and now you can even revert it to wav with SS3.4... but honestly it doesn't make sense so skip it

so what's really new:

-if you didn't like LP2 but HiSP was a bit too high, now there's 192

-if HiSP was ok, but not quite good enough now there's 352 to suit your needs

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