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I'm having some trouble! I'm hoping there's a really simple answer that I just don't know about yet!

I have 35 albums in SS and have transfered them to my HD5,

for some reason a couple of albums didn't transfer completely (eg- the HD5 only has 12 of the 42 tracks, but all the tracks are in SS 'my library')

I then changed some of the details (genres etc) on some of the albums.

I connected the player and it seemed to be doing something,

when I disconnected the player and looked, it had updated some things but not others (eg- some of the album name changes I had made in SS had transfered to the player, but not others. also, the albums which had tracks missing to begin with still have tracks missing)

SS (3.3) has the correct info but the HD5 needs updating - So is there a way of syncronising?

Also, is there a 'proper' way of disconnecting the player from the computer? (eg- telling it to eject?)

Thanks for any help you can give :)

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Problem 1 -

Originally I transfered my CDs in to SS as MP3 192kbps, I then set them all to transfer to the HD5 (at the same time) as Atrac 192kbps.

So all the ablums have been treated in the same way. SS shows all as it should be, but the HD5 has some tracks missing from some of the albums.

Problem 2 -

I changed the album titles of my compilation albums (in SS) so they had a 'v' at the front (for easy sorting in the player), When I connected the player it seemed to do something (transfer), I then disconnected it and checked it had worked, in SS I have 18 albums titled "v. ..." but only 5 of them are correct in the HD5, the other 13 are as they were before I altered the title in SS.

I hope this info helps you to help me! :)

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Additional info (I hope someome can help me!) -

While listening to music on my HD5, I found that in relation to the albums that didn't transfer completely -

Some songs played normally.

Some songs would appear to be playing but no sound was being produced.

Some songs i could hear several tracks being played at the same time (over top of each other) very bizarre!


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I have SS 3.3 with an HD3 with over 100 albums... and I have never had the problem you are describing. I have also used SS with an AW3000 (I have since moved this to a Connect) without hitches.

Question... is the music OK when you play it through Sonic Stage?

If it isn't I suggest deleting the album from the library abd ripping it again.

If it is, perhaps the best thing would be to re-initialise the walkman and transfer everything again... with SS this is not a huge issue... In fact I am doing it that just now with my HD3 (for different reasons).

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Thanks for your reply,

It is all ok on SS, and where my tracks are saved on the computer hard drive.

I am going to try deleting the problem albums completely and then re-doing them.

If that doesn't work then I shall try your suggestion of re-initialising.



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In response to your question:

Also, is there a 'proper' way of disconnecting the player from the computer? (eg- telling it to eject?)

In the task bar, down near the clock, you should see an icon with a green arrow on it. You should right click on this and select the "Stop" option. After a few seconds you should get a message saying "Safe to disconnect". If you don't do this, you can corrupt the data on the device (which is possibly what happened in your case).

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