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Hello everybody,

I think one single thread for all questions concerning GYM is not the best solution as it is hard to find answers to specific questions.

First of all thanks to all software developers and helping souls regarding GYM!!!!!

Unfortunately I have a problem with GYM - I have MP3s and ATRAC files on my NW-HD3, after installing GYM and creating the keys I am no longer able to play many of my ATRACs.

Am I right that after having the keys on the HD, it is no longer possible to use ATRACS???

If this question was asked before - sorry, I just could not find it.

Happy new year to all of you....

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Have You put the "tmp" folder in the mp3 file manager when GYM asked YOU ?

Gym doesn`t play Atrac files but those Atrac files can played through network wakman.

Also I think now Its time to make FAQ for GYM ..

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I'm actually facing the same problem. I've done all the steps provided and I did manage to play mp3s from my HD3 on my laptop.

However, when I play back ATRAC files in my HD3 (not via GYM), it says can't play track!

Could this be because I didn't select enough number of songs during the Wizard process, hence losing the tracks ?

Yikes! I have most of my collection on ATRAC!

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it's a bug of the key generation wizard. You will have to transfer your atrac files all again. Sorry

Xispe ,

IT will be better to add about this key generation bug in your orignal post ( I mean to say give warning to the members so that they don`t loose songs from their network walkmans)

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