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Just bought an MZ-RH10 from The Blue Raja and the deal went super fast, with only a minor glitch thanks to the US Postal Service. Unit was perfect, as described. Would do business with him again, any time! R. Freeland

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Fast, secure, courteous service and great shipping on an MZ-DH10P, which I am keeping as a backup. The MZ-DH10P has quickly become one of my fav MD units.

Cool man, glad all worked out... and I didn't know this was going to be a backup for you; funny how I sold a backup to become someone else's backup :D Yes, I think many people who have never held/used a DH10P aren't aware of what an incredible machine it is... I think the whole camera concept scares them away, when in reality, it's the LCD with the menus/album art etc that is just so amazing... but I suppose these thoughts should go in another thread, so anyway, glad you are happy.

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Great guy, absolute perfect description of a NH3D. Shipping was very reasonable considering it had to go through canadian customs. Would love to do business with again when the bank permits it ^_^ . Thanks alot man.

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