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'Cannot copy' error message

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I use a Tascam 301 for live recordings and at home I transfer the contents to my PC for editing.

My plan was to edit the tracks and re-record them on to another disc for archive.

The minidisc recorder I use for editing is a Sony JE 530 and my audio hardware is a Creative Audigy 2 EX.

My problem is that whenever I set the Sony to digital in I get the error message 'Cannot Copy.

According to the manual this means that I am trying to copy pre-recorded material. All I am doing is playing the WAV file from within Sound Forge.

Analogue record is fine.

Any help would be most appreciated as this is driving me nuts!

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try this it works for me.

1) Turn off "digital speaker" in sound properties

2) Start record and pause on the minidisc player

3) Open windows media player or whatever you are playing the file with

4) load the file

5) turn on digital speaker using sound properties

6) play the file and unpause recording

This method works for me, however if i stop recording and start again it gives me the no copy message. I then have to close everything and stop the minidisc player and go through the above steps again. Weird :blink:

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So, am I right in assuming the Audigy 2 supports SCMS but is buggy?

Sorry,I don't know what SCMS means. I am not even sure how it started to work, perhaps by turning the 'Digital Speaker' function on and off it reset something in the external box.

Unlike Matt's problem I only had to do this once, it's worked fine ever since.

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