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RH10 battery life without AA

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i get about... 9-10 hours @ 128kbps, if thats any help.

That's all? :blink:

Are NiMH batteries really that bad on their own? Does the AA battery case make the unit look bulky, anyone got a pic with the rh10 along with the battery case?

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I have something like 8 hours or less with mixed vbr MP3 ( with average of 225 or so ), 320 ATRAC3Plus and 38x ( or whatever the highest is ) of same :)

But.. i use it with Sennheiser 595 -_- which definitely consumes pretty much :)

8... :huh:

I thought the thing would atleast get around 20 with only the NiMH, guess I will have to hook up the AA battery attachment when my rh10 arrives.

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