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ISO to Hi-MD

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Booting from a Hi-MD unit is another matter however

First you'll have to ensure that your BIOS supports booting from USB devices

Then you'll have to burn a suitable boot image otherwise your device won't load the OS.

Creating a USB boot image is not always straight forward but in general once you've found the boot image part such as you can extract from Windows (Microsoft.img) then use something like Nero to create a Bootable CD (even though it's a USB drive) image with the boot image part being the microsoft.img or other boot image and the other parameters set as follows NO EMULATION

Nr of Sectors 4

A bit of googling might help as creating USB bootable images is still a pretty much hit and miss affair depending on your motherboard and bios options.

Copyimg / creating an ISO on your MD as DATA and then burning this to a "normal CD" will work however so if you are say at work and want to download a Linux distribution you can of course do this to your MD unit and then create the CD when you get home.

Most workplaces don't normally have directly available CD burning facilities available to "Normal Users" i.e people like you and me but unless you are unfortunate enough to suffer having to use Windows NT (Windows "No Thanks" or Windows "Neanderthal") most USB devices will work on corporate / workplace machines without you needing to be in "Administrator Mode".

Good luck



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