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Anybody had any use for ATRAC3+ @ 320?

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It's great that SS 3.4 allows more bit rates but I can't really see the point of the 320 Atrac3+ codec.

256 kbs seems fine for most people whilst the 352 rate is there for those who want "better" and it takes GOOD ears and excellent listening equipment to tell much difference between 256 and 352. (Always assuming the original source is good and the ATRAC cidec has been coded from uncompressed WAV (avoiding extra errors / artifacts etc introduced by extra coding steps).

The 320 doesn't IMO serve any useful purpose unless it was added just because some MP3 encodings can have a 320 kbs bit rate. The amount of disk space saved at 320 vs 352 is so small also as to be a total non issue. 256 will save you much more if you are satisfied with the quality.

Direct recording at 352 on the MD recorder might have been a MUCH better idea (sufficiently good for 99.99% of applications and gives a decent recording length --around 5.5 hours on a 1GB disc.

Quality (assuming your technique is good and you are not doing "bootlegs") is more than adequate for Demo's etc. and you can even burn to CD without too much loss of fidelity. (Don't re-rip that CD again and copy to MD again. Here you WILL get some generational loss).

Anybody actually using ATRAC3+ @ 320 instead of either 256 or 352 and if so why. Just curious.



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as far as I know you can record them on PC in 320kbps... but you can't transfer them to HiMD in that bitrate (must be converted)...

so the problem isn't really a useless bitrate for its inbetween-ness (or something like that) but it's just a useless bitrate for HiMD-users tout court

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